FSM300 AHRS/IMU Module
Augmented & Virtual Reality
Freespace Motion Controllers
Hillcrest Labs is now part of InterDigital, Inc.


Create and enjoy immersive experiences and intuitive controls for augmented and virtual reality. Hillcrest's products deliver precise, low latency head tracking and high accuracy 3DoF motion control.

BNO080, MotionEngine™, FSM300


Accurately navigate unmanned robots both indoors and outdoors. Hillcrest’s products deliver the highest accuracy inertial navigation, which enables superior heading performance in diverse and changing environments.

BNO080, FSM300

TV & Remotes

Intuitively control and interact with content and games on the big screen. Hillcrest’s proven Freespace® technology has enabled tens of millions of TVs, set-top boxes, and PC peripherals with cursor, gesture and motion controls.

MotionEngine™ Smart TV, MotionEngine™ Lite, Scoop Remote


Transform motion and environmental sensor data into application ready information with Hillcrest’s low power, accurate hardware and software solutions. Our products enable many applications in fitness, healthcare, navigation, industrial monitoring, and more.

BNO080, FSM300